Case Study
Radar Consultants Ltd Radar Consultants are a specialist consulting firm operating in London, providing a complete R&D tax credit claim service at an affordable price point for SME's throughout the United Kingdom. We successfully helped them launch their new site and branding campaign.
Implementing the solution We worked closely with Radar Consultant's throughout the implementation of the project. Throughout many discussions they contributed their ideas on the site's sleek design, and functionality. To speed up the process we set up a 'mock' installation on our test server, so Radar Consultant's could asses on the content and style while we created and designed the final layout.
A sleek customised design From the outset Radar Consultants emphasised the desire for a 'clean' fresh look for their new website, however it was important that they still maintained a contemporary feel which is in synch with their particular market niche. We took on that challenge, researched our client's market, and set about our design strategy. This process led us in creating a customised design with our client's considerations at heart, to give an inspired and focused look to the website.

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