Search Engine Optimization

All of our websites are designed for SEO. Each page is ready for indexing by search engines such as Google, and come optimized as standard right from the start.

Additional SEO Services

Monitoring Website Traffic …

We monitor the amount of traffic your website is receiving and examine the sources. From this we can identify the keywords that are being used to find your website, as well as those of your competitors.  Ensuring that each web page is accessible to search engines so that they can be indexed is a fundamental to a websites performance and a vital process. Every page of a website should be indexed, in order to capitalise on valuable marketing opportunities.


Executing An Effective SEO Strategy

When planned well and efficiently can deliver significant benefits!

Optimizing Web Content

The keywords derived from our research are integrated into the website. This is done in many different ways, including the text content that is visible, the link structure of the website, and the page elements which are not seen (such as the description that search engines display to entice users to visit a particular website).



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Keyword Research

We work with our clients to determine which words and phrases are the most valuable to their relevant sector. This is done using a combination of statistics and human judgment. We assess the value of relevant keywords, including variants of words and phrases, in order to compile a list of targeted keywords in order to enhance your websites search engine optimization.


Link Building

We work with our clients to acquire valuable back-links to their website. The value of a back-link is determined by its relevance, and by content which is considered to be of high rank value in the search engines.



Google Adwords…


An alternative/or addition to organic SEO is pay per click (PPC). This is where an advert is placed using Google listings (known as Google Adwords) and a fee is paid each time someone clicks through to the linked website. PPC is an effective tool to employ during a campaign where there is a need to be visible on a competitive keyword quickly.





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